What Is Wrought Iron, Anyway?

What Is Wrought Iron, Anyway?

Simply driving around the suburbs of El Paso, you can find countless beautiful wrought iron designs that blend functionality and style. Maybe a grandiose front gate, or fencing around an artisan pool. But while many people know the name, not many people actually know what makes iron wrought iron. Well, we’d like to change that by making a quick explanation for our favorite material. 

“Wrought” Iron

Wrought iron, in literal terms, simply means worked iron. In fact, the word wrought was used commonly until the middle of the millennium, when “worked” began to catch on and eventually take over. Wrought iron has been produced for several centuries, and signs of wrought iron can be traced back as far as 220 B.C China! It was, and still is, a major material for building all types of objects, from building structures like the Eiffel Tower to fencing and gates. 

Wrought Iron Composition 

Wrought iron is an iron alloy, meaning it consists of other elements including iron to give it certain properties. It specifically is iron mixed with slag, which is the by-product of the iron separating process. Wrought iron typically has a 2 percent slag percentage and has a very low carbon content. The carbon content is a crucial aspect of wrought iron, as it keeps it malleable but strong. Irons with higher carbon content like pig and cast iron are more brittle, and aren’t as strong and useful as wrought iron. The slag content in wrought iron keeps it from corroding easily and gives it a high ductile property. Best of all for us, wrought iron is relatively easy to meld, making it a great metal to work with. 

Best Wrought Iron in El Paso

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