8 Things to Look for When Purchasing Wrought Iron Accents

8 Things to Look for When Purchasing Wrought Iron Accents

Wrought iron is popularly used as a timeless material for fences, doors, just to name a few. It’s no question why so many people opt for wrought iron. It’s one of the best long-lasting materials to invest in, it’s sturdy, and it brings an elegant look overall. Before you can sign away on a purchase of wrought iron, you want to make sure that this material is best for you and your home. Here at Atrium Wrought Iron, we want you to be satisfied with your materials. We discuss some important factors to consider when looking into purchasing wrought iron. 

How Rust Can Be Prevented

It is said that materials made out of iron and alloy are the only materials that can form rust. This means that yes, wrought iron can rust. Thankfully, companies such as Atrium Wrought Iron provide customers with options. Oftentimes, when looking into wrought iron materials, your purchase will also offer protection, called galvanization, which is a coating that aims to prevent rusting. If this is something you’re willing to invest in, wrought iron may be for you after all! 

How It Was Made

The way that your wrought iron materials were made should play a major role in deciding which company to purchase from. Assembling materials such as iron and metals are typically done through welding, but this may not be the best option for aesthetic purposes and it encourages room for rusting. Other constructors may use screws and nuts to hold the materials together. It all comes down to what you think would last longer and what would look best. 

Tools and Materials Used 

Screws and brackets are often used to assemble wrought iron fences, which make great reliable hardware. Some constructors may opt for hardware made from more affordable materials such as aluminum and glue to assemble pieces together. While it may be cheaper and faster to do, it may not be as reliable as brackets and nuts, so these are just a few important things to keep in mind when looking for wrought iron accents. 

Decorative Touches 

Wrought iron doors and fences are known for giving an extra touch of class because of all the details, both big and small! Post toppers are used on wrought iron fences, which provides a sense of security and protection for customers who are looking for exactly that. Wrought iron doors are embellished with veneer lines to clean and beautiful finishes. If you can add these extra touches, it’s definitely worth thinking about! 

Warranty Options 

Damages can happen and that’s okay. Sometimes, you can’t always completely prevent your home from suffering from damages, including wrought iron materials. With that being said, it is best to look into wrought iron providers that offer a warranty. When looking into a warranty, don’t be afraid to ask questions and familiarize yourself with the policies that are offered. Also, look at incidents that the warranty cannot cover. 

Paint or Coating Color 

Although wrought iron is traditionally made to mimic the natural colors of iron materials, you should be able to explore your options. You may also come to find that adding a coat of paint to your wrought iron provides that additional security when preventing rusting. It is good to look into whether the manufacturer power coats as it protects the paint from chipping and strengthens the paint. 


Wrought iron materials will require some kind of maintenance from time to time, but you should also look into materials that are reliable and won’t require too much money. All wrought iron really needs is a small cleaning every now and then. You should ask the manufacturer you’re looking into to see whether or not it is safe for you to clean your wrought iron materials with soap and water without posing any damage. 


Lastly, if you’re looking into wrought iron for privacy and security for your home, this is something you must disclose with a manufacturer right away. Metal panels are a great option in this case as they can increase privacy, although, this means your wrought iron materials will require a combination of other materials. 

Add an Extra Touch of Class to Your Home with Atrium Wrought Iron, Today 

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