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Wrought Iron Services in Midland

Midland Iron Wrought Services

Atrium Wrought Iron also serves the Midland, Texas area. We can help families and businesses improve their aesthetic appeal with custom designs for their windows, doors, and interiors. However, we recommend people in Midland purchase aluminum designs for many reasons.

Aluminum vs. Wrought Iron: Why it Matters

Both metals are durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically appealing, so why should you opt for aluminum if you live in Midland? Well, the biggest reason is the water in Midland. While the water in El Paso, another city we service, is soft, the water in Midland tends to be hard, since most homeowners pump it themselves. This hard water can erode wrought iron and steel over time, making aluminum the better option.

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Caring for Wrought Iron and Aluminum

If you do choose to have wrought iron doors and window bars installed in your home, there are certain things you can do to increase lifespan. For example, hard water tends to stain metal, especially wrought iron, and can actually be the first sign of hard water damage. By cleaning and maintaining it regularly, you can avoid the damage from becoming severe or even permanent. To clean hard water stains on metals, you can use a cleaning product with phosphoric acid and vinegar to treat the stains. Repainting the metal every so often can also help to preserve it. If you’re worried about the iron being damaged, you can try to adjust your sprinkler system so it encounters less hard water throughout the year.

If you opt for aluminum, it’s still important to maintain it. You can use soapy water or an orange cleaner to make your wrought aluminum doors and windows look their best. Be sure to use a soft cloth when cleaning and scrubbing, and never use anything abrasive like a wire brush, because aluminum can scratch a little more easily than other metals.

Beautiful Aluminum Designs in Midland

Aluminum can be used to create beautiful designs for your windows, doors, fences, and even home decor. At Atrium Wrought Iron, our designs are custom made based on your preferences. If you’re in Midland and are looking to upgrade your home, we can help!