How to Use Wrought Iron to Decorate Your Backyard Patio

How to Use Wrought Iron to Decorate Your Backyard Patio

Wrought iron has been widely used by many homeowners due to its multiplicity of uses and the touch of elegance it can add to any home. No matter how much of the material you have in or outside of your home, it guarantees stability and years of beauty. Most homeowners find it rather simple to decorate their front yard and patio as opposed to the backyard. The backyard patio has much more space to work with, so some homeowners might not even know where they can start. Either way, wrought iron, just as it is used in the front yard, can be used in many ways in the backyard patio as well. We discuss some ideas regarding how wrought iron can be incorporated into your backyard. 

Using Narrow Bars for Borders

If you have a smaller yard or backyard patio, using narrow bars for wrought iron fencing and accents is one of your most considerable choices. If you want your yard to feel as secure as possible without closing in on the room it has available, narrow and open wrought iron bars can help make the yard feel bigger. You can even choose thin bars that have an ornate touch to them that way you add more accents to your yard. 

Combining Tall Wrought Iron with Greenery 

Wrought iron not only helps to protect plants and vegetation but also creates a sense of elegance and lushness in your yard. This is a great option if you are big on gardening and have large plants and bushes in your backyard. This is also a considerable option if you have guests over, that they know to respect your plants and to keep as little contact with them as possible. 

Gated Designs

Of course, the entrances and exits to your backyard patio play a major role in how wrought iron is to be used. There are many approaches you can take when it comes to the gates and doors. You could choose a gate that blends with the fence line, meaning you can match with even different materials. You could also opt for a simple and small fence to enhance curb appeal. If you’re looking more for security, a taller wrought iron gate is best. 

Small Gates 

Small gates are perfect when you want to incorporate ornate designs for your yard. In fact, the shorter your gates are, the more attractive your yard is because it creates more of a welcoming effect. If you pay close attention to homes that have wrought iron, accents are typically used at the bottom and at the top of fencing and gates. The decoration along the edges of these gates helps makes them look even more elegant. 

Short Iron Garden Bed Fences 

Some people prefer to have the majority of their vegetation blocked off, especially if they are bigger plants. If you have smaller plants or flower beds, it is recommended to opt for wrought iron as bed fences, not so much as tall borders. Using wrought iron as short bed fences can also help make your yard feel larger because it creates somewhat of a border regarding what designated spaces can be used by your guests and family. 

Fenced-Off Patio 

Even if you don’t have very much grass in your yard or landscaping and have more of a patio, a fenced patio can help bring in that sense of design you’ve been looking for. If you’re more concerned about keeping your patio due to the lack of landscaping you have to tend to, you can add a small, accented wrought-iron fence to keep the grass separate from the patio. Wrought iron helps designate places to socialize. 

Shorter Fences 

If you already have plenty of accents in your backyard patio, you will want to use shorter fences as the perimeter. You already have plenty to show off in your backyard, so it would contradict having a beautiful patio if you were to opt for large wrought iron fencing as the perimeter for your backyard. 

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