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Custom Wrought Iron Designs in El Paso

In addition to designing gates, rails, and entry doors, Atrium Wrought Iron in El Paso also specializes in designing miscellaneous items for your home.

Our work is designed to fit your needs and the materials we use are high quality and long-lasting. We can design items for the interior and exterior of your home, including the following.

Bathroom Designs

We’ve done designs for the bathroom for many of our customers. This included adding wrought ironwork to cabinets and counters, around mirrors, and miscellaneous designs to add to the walls for decoration. Our designs can really give your bathroom a fabulous look and feel–no matter what kind of design you opt for.

Window Designs

We also specialize in window designs. If you’re looking to add bars to your window for protection or decoration, you can do so in style with us. Not only are our designs durable and strong, they also look great. You can choose any design you want, so you have options that best match your house and the look you want to achieve.

Home and Wall Decor

This is the fun part. We can custom design various items for your walls. From hooks and shelves to mirror trims and decorative pieces, we can design it all. These designs are perfect for both in and outside of your home and can really make your house pop.

Patio Furniture

One of our most popular requests is patio furniture. We can design patio furniture for you that not only looks great but will also do well in El Paso’s varying weather. From high temperatures and cool winters to wind, rain, and dust, patio furniture designed by us will survive it all. A good tip, if you’re worrying about wrought iron furniture being too hot, is to add cushions to the chair. Not only can this look cute, but it can also add extra comfort to your furniture.


Other designs we’ve done include coffee tables, fireplace gates, and vent hoods. In other words, you can get creative with it and we’re always open to hearing your ideas.

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