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Wine Room Doors from Atrium Wrought Iron

The most sacred room in your house needs a door
and we’re not talking about the bathroom.

If you have a wine room or cellar, you’ll want to have a door that keeps all of your valuables– also known as your wine collection– properly stored. At Atrium Wrought Iron, we can custom design a wine room door for your home, so you can store your wine properly and in style.

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We design wine room doors using materials such as wrought iron, copper, and black oxide iron, and we’ll design it to your liking, meaning we’re open to hearing your ideas. We can style your door based on Italian, Spanish, or even French influences or you could go for a modern or contemporary look. The bottom line is that it’s up to you. Our doors come pre-hung, insulated, and are perfect for any wine room or cellar. Our products are long-lasting and are sure to make your home look great!

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Wine Storage Tips

If this is your first time keeping wine in the cellar and you want to be sure it stays good after we finish

  • Temperature
    You want to keep your wine at just the right temperature. If it’s too hot, your wine could spoil. If it’s too cold, the cork could crack and allow for air to seep into the bottle and spoil the wine. And if it’s freezing, the wine could freeze and expand, causing the cork to be pushed off. The best average temperature is somewhere between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, with 55 degrees usually hitting it right on the mark. Our doors come fabricated to keep your wine room insulated and the temperature steady.
  • Lighting
    You typically want to keep your wine room dark and you never want to position your wine where it could be hit by sunlight. If sunlight
    from a window hits the door to the wine room, we can create a design that will accommodate for that. Another tip: use incandescent bulbs rather than fluorescent ones.
  • Angle
    For optimal storage, keep your wine bottles on their sides. Not only does this save space, but it can also keep the cork from drying out since the wine is constantly touching it.
  • Be Steady
    When placing your wine in storage, be sure to use steady hands. You don’t want to shake the bottles around too much.

Atrium Wrought Iron Can Help

Like we said, your wine room is one of the most sacred rooms in your house. We can help you take care of it with a nice door design. Call us today for more information!

If you’re looking to add a wine room to your home, a door designed by Atrium Wrought Iron is the perfect way to top it off.