The Best Places to Add Decorative Glass Into Your Home 

The Best Places to Add Decorative Glass Into Your Home 

While homes have some kind of glass in nearly every room, elegant and decorative pieces of glass are not as common. If you’re looking to add more character to your home, incorporating decorative glass is one of the best ways to do so. You can add decorative glass in almost every single room in your home, but there are some rooms that are more fitting for this kind of material. Wondering where you can add decorative glass? We provide some ways you can do so. 


Do you want natural light in your home but privacy at the same time? Decorative glass can help you achieve exactly that. Decorative glass for doors and entryways is usually made with patterns and unique styles. From Craftsman-styled patterns to vines, your glass can resemble the elegance of wrought iron but with decorative glass! With doors, you can get creative and opt for more traditional or modern decorative glass. Playing with decorative glass is easy when it’s for your door because the possibilities are endless. 

The Front Porch 

The front porch is where your guests gain a first impression of your home. By applying stained glass to your front door, the natural light from the sun can bring in more color into your home! This ultimately creates a warm and vibrant welcoming atmosphere for any home. This can also make for a more inviting place if you want to sit with your guests and chat outside of your home. 


If you want to show off your dishware and everything else you have stored in your kitchen, you can replace those traditional cabinet doors with decorative glass. In more modern homes, kitchen cabinets are making use of clear glass. This means that the glass doesn’t have too many accents and that the glass is completely transparent, making the dishware very visible. Although this is a more recent, modern trend, you can throw in accent and engravings to hide your dishware a bit more.  

Bathroom Windows

Most master bedroom bathrooms have natural light. If you have a tub in your bathroom, then you should consider adding decorative glass. There is nothing more serene than enjoying a bath with the natural light falling into your tub! You can also have a small sidelight of decorative glass in your bathroom’s shower to help with circulating the air and so you don’t have to rely on artificial light during the day. 

Home Office or Study Space

When it comes to working from home, your office or study should accommodate your comfort as much as possible. With so much artificial light, you will find yourself having a harder time getting comfortable and completing your tasks. With more natural light surrounding your workspace, your productivity will increase. You can also replace your home office’s doors with clear glass. We recommend these ideas for office spaces because the natural light will flow into your work, resulting in more focus throughout the day. 

Wall Decor 

As we briefly mentioned, decorative glass windows can benefit almost any room. A single window panel would be great in a loft or in any space where you entertain guests and family members. This would also make a great contribution to any room that didn’t come with a window when you bought your home. This trend adds country charm or the chic you’re looking for! If you need a professional to guide your ideas with decorative glass, we’re more than happy to provide exactly that! 

Pantry and the Kitchen 

One of the newest trends in home building is pantry doors out of decorative glass. The frosted glass has a film that makes it hard to see clearly through the door, but that’s the purpose. That’s what makes this little space decorative and adds character to a kitchen! 

Get Creative with Your Home with Atrium Wrought Iron 

Atrium Wrought Iron offers decorative glass materials in addition to wrought iron. We can custom make your materials to make your ideas come to life. We are the best resource for decorating your home! Contact us today to make an appointment.

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