The History of the Wine Cellar

The History of the Wine Cellar

Wine has always had a timeless classiness to it. The beverage is optimal for almost any occasion and this might be due to its history and origins. Wine is not only considered a luxurious item, but it is also known for having specific health benefits. Because of this, architects throughout history have taken it upon themselves to create rooms dedicated to wine: wine cellars. The more that wine consumption grew, the more wine cellars began to pop up. So where exactly did wine cellars come from and how did they make it all the way to 2021? We take a look! 


Before wine cellars, wine was always a part of the tradition. In almost all cultures, wine played a major role in rituals, celebrations, and much more. The cultivation of grapevines to make wine is dated back to as early as 6,000 BCE. The earliest origins of wine have been located in the region between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea which is now modern-day Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Georgia. It would be soon after that rooms full of wine would come into the picture. 

The Early Bronze Age

Vines and cultivation began to kick off and flourish during the origins of the Bronze Age in the eastern Mediterranean basin. This area was filled with wine shops in local markets that contained storage jars and drinking cups for sale. It would be soon after this that the Tel Kabri would be discovered. 

The Tel Kabri

Found in Israel was the world’s oldest known wine cellars, which dates back to 1700 BCE. These wine cellars were approximately four and a half by seven meters and were able to hold about forty large ceramic jars or about three thousand bottles of wine. Archaeologists find several contents in these jars which contained cinnamon, juniper berries, honey, and mint, which were popular in medicinal wine. 

The Middle Ages

More wine cellars were discovered in the Middle Ages. Most structures during this era were made with stone materials. These materials were rather dense and didn’t work well when there were shifts in the soil. To prevent these structures from toppling over, architects would create support structures that had arches to provide extra support to the building. These arches also made perfect storage for wine bottles, which would also be dedicated to the cultivation of grains, vegetables, and more. 

The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire also had a great influence on the come up of wine cellars. Wine was an impact factor when it came to the Roman diet, therefore, this culture made it a big deal to store plenty of wine for consumption. It also became a major factor for bringing in more revenue. The technology of wine really kicked off during this era. 

The French Influence

Although wine cellars were found before, the French emphasized the idea of including wine cellars in their infrastructure more than any other culture. Dating back to the 1600s, french champagne makers were assigned to refurbish caves in order to store their wine. They soon began to create subterranean wine caves. From France, the idea of building wine cellars would carry itself to countries all over Europe.

Wine Cellars of the 21st Century

Wine cellars are more sophisticated than they have ever been. Wine cellars no longer having to be built underground or facing a specific direction. Wine cellars are not only seen in restaurants, but they are also seen in homes as well. Modern-day technology provides architects with the ability to place cellars in any room of a building with the necessary protections. Even more, modern-day wine cellars are made to protect the bottles from any harmful elements. 

The Niche of Wine Cellars

Wine cellars of today serve the same purpose as wine cellars from before, except now we see much more technology in these creations. Wine cellars are constructed to protect wine from detrimental vibrations, fluctuating temperatures, harmful UV lights, and much more. Above all, custom wine cellars are now available for those who would like to add an extra touch of class and elegance to their homes! 

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