Decorating Tips for Homes with Wrought Iron Doors and Window Bars

Decorating Tips for Homes with Wrought Iron Doors and Window Bars

wrought iron doorsIt’s the best time of the year. The days between Halloween and Christmas are some of the most festive, joyous, and fun out of the year. From dressing up for Halloween to decorating our homes for Christmas, these months are filled with fun activities that you can’t get away with the rest of the year. Well, if you’re looking for decorating tips for homes equipped with wrought iron doors and window bars, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of our favorite ideas!

Tip #1: Hang Up a Wreath…And Then Some

Hanging a wreath on our front doors is a tradition most decorators partake in, but there are many ways we can take our door decorating game to the next level, especially if you have wrought iron doors. From wrapping lights around the designs to hanging tinsel and holly to the doors, adding more decorations can take your doors to the next level.

Tip #2: Don’t Forget the Windows

Not only is it safer to have bars on your window, but they also allow for more decorating opportunities. Additional wreaths, lights, tinsel and garland, and more can be added to the bars on your window. They’ll look cute without impeding your safety.

Tip #3: Create a Scene Inside Your Window

Your decorations don’t have to be just on the outside of your window. You can create a scene on the window sill itself, such as setting up a nativity, and then adorn the wrought iron bars to go with it. Either way, your window is sure to look great.

Tip #4: Use Lights to Accent Other Decorations

Adding lights around windows and doors can really make your house and any other decorations you have shine. Plus, they add a nice glow in the interior of your home—a nice little reminder that it’s Christmas and the outside of your home is decorated nicely.

Tip #5: Decorate to Your Heart’s Content

It’s your home, so it’s up to you how you’d like to decorate it. We say decorate to your heart’s content! Whether you want to go all out or only put a little, you do you. And we’ll be here to help you if you’re interested in installing wrought iron doors and window bars.

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